Okite Quartz

Okite New Orleans

Okite is a composite composed of 93% natural quartz, making it a luxurious dream product that fits seamlessly into any home’s design. With a wide array of colors and designs, you can achieve any look you desire.

In addition to installing Okite in New Orleans homes, we also install O-KERA, a ceramic slab product from Okite. Click here for more information about O-KERA.

Benefits of Okite:

Durability: Since Okite is composed of 93% natural quartz, the fourth hardest material known to man, it is highly resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. It is non-porous, so it never requires sealing.

Versatility: With a wide variety of available colors offered at the same price, Okite can be used to enhance kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, shower walls, desks, table tops, and more. Edges can easily be sculpted into intricate shapes as well. The only limit is your imagination.

Low-Maintenance: Okite is very easy to clean and maintain. Since it is non-porous, you’ll never have to seal or polish your surfaces. With basic cleaning, your Okite will remain beautiful for years to come.

Natural Product: Composed of 93% natural quartz, you can easily blend the beauty of natural stone with the ease and versatility of a composite.

Quality: Okite has an unmistakably Italian quality that is evident at first glance. It is exquisitely crafted and adds an absolutely stunning appeal to your home.

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